"I Work Out"

09/09/2012 23:40

DAYUMMIZZUM, you went to the gym today? You had to tweet it AND instagram a body shot of yourself? I mean thats cool, but why are informing other people that you "worked out". I personally think it just comes down to what your "tes·tos·ter·one" levels are or what you think will get you laid in more simple terms. Shit, i go to the gym, but i usually just tweet about people that go to planet fitness for free pizza day, or as we would like to call them "cave-dwellers". I mean if you are trying to get laid, why not tell them what youve accomplished in life, besides going to the gym taking a mirror pic and flexing that 6 pack you were born with. This goes for girls too, you swagged out in "yoga pants" at the gym, so some dude could stare at your ass why your on the eliptical, ive seen this on multiple occassions. Asses are only good naked, mainly because yoga pants show the potential of the ass before you see her naked. And girls with big pillows usually have them because they are fat. So when you go to the gym go to better yourself, not for a like on instagram.

"Bitch, You at the club every weekend, get a life" - YG

09/09/2012 14:44

Start this off on the right foot, i was corrupted at a young age, by people who were superior to me, and those people have grown up to be what i call succesful in my eyes.

    I know drinking and smoking is what people do nowadays in highschool,college, maybe get a bump of the line, depending your income. There is a fine line to who you party with, and what your maturity level is. Let me explain this: I went to a few high school parties my first year out of high school, and that was the weirdest shit, but what was even more weird was seeing people older than me hanging out with people younger than me (same gender, not dating-wise, okay maybe dating wise..), and that got me thinking, you hang out with underclass men, you must have a low maturity level. AKA you act like your fucking brand new to the system. There isnt a cycle, you dont go back to highschool, you hang out with people AROUND yout age, do shit your age, or you'll be that janitor/gym teacher/police officer "robbing the cradle". Some people dont grow up, as my parents explained to me. Cool you dont leave Fairbanks, not a big deal, but it is a factor if you dont get a real job, shit a tanning salon? wheres the sugar daddy? Point Valid. If your parents pay for everything, thats disappointing, "you will get pregnant and die" true story. So "why you in the same clothes from high school, fucking the same hoes in high school"?, as my man mac dre would spit it. If you dont like college, get a job in the union, join the military, go up north, make some money, so when your parents die and pass over they dont fart out and leave you dust, keep there legacy going.